When I say I like him and I said I am sorry for rejecting him, he got mad and called me a lesbian. I am not a lesbian. Why can't he see he has been a jerk to me? I get that I hurt his feelings.


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Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
In a guy's world, he's always right. No matter how bad he screwed up, he will only take a small fraction of blame. Don't let him get to you Maxine.
sansa stark Profile
sansa stark answered
Guys will lash out and say any old stupid thing when their feelings get hurt and their machismo gets effected. They don't mean it but it's a case of shout now and think later.
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Rath Keale answered

This relationship will not grow into something positive for you.  Learn something about yourself, and about him, and move away from this situation.  Both of you messed up here.  He sounds nasty and you were not very insightful.  Walk away with new knowledge.

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