Where To Buy Used Panties?


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The popularity of buying used panties is ever-growing. As far as object-based fetishes go, I think used panties rank right up there with used footwear.

Because of this, there is something of a booming market for people selling their used undergarments.

Where to buy used panties
There are a million and one women out there who, to earn a quick buck or two, are turning to the internet to flog their used undergarments.

This means that there are a whole number of sites to choose from. But here are a few that I'd suggest:

  • Based on the popular auction site eBay, this web portal is dedicated to selling objects of a sexual nature (including used panties).
  • Penelope Hart- Basically any woman's name followed by seems to return a search result, but this is one that I found particularly appealing.
  • Most big cities have an online fetish community, and this is one example. These sites usually have classified sections, chat facilities, and forums. You are bound to find someone willing to sell their used undergarments on this type of website.
Buying used panties on the internet
If you're looking to buy a pair of used (and potentially soiled) panties, I'd suggest you take a quick moment to consider the pros and cons of anywhere you are buying from.

  • Health and safety- there's no need to be too obvious about this, but there are certain risks involved with buying used undergarments.
They may be harboring bacteria, infected blood/bodily fluids and all sorts of nasty things like crabs.

Whilst I believe everyone is free to express their sexuality however they please, I'm not sure people should be putting their health at risk.

  • Value for money- I would recommend that you shop around and make sure you are getting the best value for the money for what you are buying.
There seem to be a lot of websites that are simply flogging any old used underwear like some sort of fetish factory - which just seems like a slightly impersonal and unsatisfying source to be buying from, in my opinion.

On the other hand, there are quite a  few online communities and personal blogs where real-life women sell their underwear.

I'd assume that these would be more gratifying because there is also a human connection associated with the underwear that's for sale.

Buying from this type of outlet also means that you may receive correspondence - and even photographs of the women in question modelling the underwear for sale.
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Health department won't allow this for understandable reasons.
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You won't find these on sale, for health reasons.

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