What The Best Place To Buy Panties?


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Where you buy panties is somewhat determined on what style of panties you are wanting to purchase. Over all however, I have found one of the very best places to purchase panties online is at Hanes.com. They have all the styles and very often have good sales.

I have purchases panties also at walmart and walmart.com. They too have a good selection, and often have better pricing than you will find online. Plus......you have your panties immediately. When purchasing online you have to wait for delivery.

Victoria's Secret has great panties, but are very pricey. Same is true of Fredricks of Hollywood.

And I guess the final consideration is whether you are male or female. If female, then no one cares. If, like me, you are male. You have to decide if you mind if others see you purchasing panties or not. Personally, I don't care. I have actually had a couple of cashiers say something smart to me on occassion, and I just give it back to them. Once when I was purchasing a pretty baby doll nighty for myself, the cashier commented "Oh, is blue your color?" And then of course she kinda giggled. My immediate response was "well, not my favorite, but I think this one will look nice on me, I'll know for sure in about an hour. Should I take a picture and send it to you?" She suddenly became so nervous she could hardly function. I know she wanted to crawl under her counter top. So basically, I just don't worry about what someone sees or thinks. The truth is, it isn't there business.

So shop in person, shop online, and find your pretty panty place. You will enjoy the search I am sure.

Hope this helps,

Sissy in silk

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