Where Do I Buy Well-Worn Women's Shoes? (The Smellier The Better)


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There are a number of places you'd be able to buy a nice pair of sweaty, smelly, well-worn women's shoes.

A second-hand store or thrift store is a very good source of old shoes, but, alternatively, there are a number of websites on the internet that you may want to check out.

Sexy, old, and smelly shoes If you're looking for a pair of ponging pumps or odorous boots, you may want to visit a thrift store, second-hand shop, or charity shop.

This type of outlet regularly accepts donations of used clothing and footwear, and you may even want to have a word with the staff there and see if they have any shoes that they're not selling precisely because they're too smelly or too worn out.

Buying smelly old shoes on-line

Another really good idea would be to check out some of the foot-fetish communities on-line. Some of the following sites might be of use to you:

bdsm.com deviantside.com fetishfreedom.co.uk londonfetishcene.com
These sites might be exactly what you're looking for, because they'll often have forums and chat facilities where you can meet women who'll be willing to sell you their old shoes.

They may even be willing to send you seductive photographs of them wearing the shoes beforehand!

Alternatively, you may want to check out a site called eBare.co.uk. This site is based on the popular auction site eBay.com, but specifically caters for objects of a sexual nature (including used under-garments and possibly shoes too!).
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Yes, that is true. But if you buy used shoes from second hand stores, you don't get the personal connection. I think knowing to whom the shoes belong to is essential. You can even communicate with the owner of the shoes and get some its history.
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I have plenty that I can share. I used to sell them on ebay until yesterday when they removed all my shoes auctions. I guess my feet is  too hot for ebay. So now I'm just selling them privately until I find a good website where I can auction them. You can contact me via Blurtit and I will share my email address with you.

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Just go down to your local thrift store, such as Goodwill or Salvation Army. You will find exactly what you desire there.
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I assume most women would have at least one pair like that. I'm not sure who would or would not sell them.
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I agree with what Debossman said. Try a thrift store. A lot of times they will trash the really bad ones, so you may want to check their dumpster.

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