I Like To Smell Women Sweaty, Smelly Feet, Is That Ok?


6 Answers

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ak kumar answered
Perfectly ok,nothing wrong with loving female feet...I also love female feet
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Anonymous answered
I love it...nothing like the smell of a sexy womans toes as long as shes ok with it...and if they have been wearing nylons wow...all the better
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Xica Chin answered
Not weird..maybe they don't smell bad..you just think all feet smell bad because they are feet?  I like the smell of my husband's underarms..it smells musky to me..and I know when he is around just from his smell..so,..I don't think it is weird or even a fetish..it's more of a hormonal smell thing..
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ak kumar answered
Yes I do like women feet....I would love to kiss them,no you ain't weird cause many people love feet

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