My Mom Forces Me To Lick And Suck Her Feet Because She Caught Me Smelling Her Sweaty Panty Hose And She Gags Me With Her Feet. Advise Please?


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Report her to the police thats really bad
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Not only is it badly unhealthy. In my opinion your mom needs mental help. Unless of course your really a smart dog/cat/pet of hers thats mastered useing her computer when she finely leaves the room,and this is your cry for help & advise. Lol, if so,then I say tell her to bite you!!!> better yet, just "bite her on her smelly and dirty feet" instead of licking them...good luck...(my smile)
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Well first off, why were you sniffing her nasty, dirty underwear? And second, that is sexual abuse so diffidently call the authorities and/or social services.

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