How Do I Pleasure Myself?


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If you are referring to sexual pleasure then the methods people undertake differ for men and for women.

  • Men
Self-pleasure in this instance is referred to as masturbation and it is a perfectly healthy and normal thing to do. For men, it is something that they tend to carry out quite regularly and it is something that most men are not embarrassed about admitting to. Some women can feel insecure if their boyfriend, partner or husband pleasures themselves quite often because they take it as a personal dig against them. This is often not the case because most men in happy relationships will masturbate irrespective of their feelings for their other half. The act itself consists of a man rubbing his penis can eventually reaching orgasm.

  • Women
Females of course take a different approach to self-pleasure as it is more of an invasive act. Most women tend to use their fingers to stimulate the clitoris, although some have the use of a vibrator to help them reach an orgasm. It is widely known that most women do not tend to masturbate as much as men because they do not have the same level of sex drive. However, some women that pleasure themselves quite regularly do not often admit to it due to embarrassment. For women, studies have shown that the majority of the time women cannot reach a full orgasm until they turn to the age of around 19 years old. However, women should not worry if this is not the case after the age of 19 because some women find it harder to reach an orgasm, no matter what their age.

I must inform you that we are not medical professionals so if you want more information regarding this topic then please speak to an appropriate individual.
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Just imagin someone is lickin your clit and suck your finger and rub rub untill your sooo goood
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Just hump something till you reach the climax. It really works
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Watch some porn, try redtube.
Then finger yourself or fold a pillow, take of your pants and bounce up and down.
Pens, make-up brushes, anything cylindrical that fits, just stick that up there :)
Thats if your a girl...
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With you brush..just stick it up in there...
But first rub until it gets it can go in much easier
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With your hands and other people and other things if neccsiacrl

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