How Do I Write About Myself For A Marriage Proposal?


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A marriage proposal is normally more about the girl than you, and so in your proposal you should really be telling her how much she means to you and how amazing she is. You can certainly say things about how she has changed your life and made you a better person, but in general, you should pour all the praise and compliments on her.

The best marriage proposals are ones straight from the heart. Yes they need some direction and thought, but what you say should feel unique to your relationship. Avoid the cliché phrases that feel a little hollow and straight from a greetings card.

Think hard about why you want to spend the rest of your life with her and what makes you love her so much. Maybe talk about when you first met and how you knew straight away you wanted to be with her.

If you do want to talk about yourself, you could make some promises to her; how you will always look after her or how you will achieve everything you set out to so she will always be proud of you. You can tell her that you think you will always be the man for her as you know her better than anyone and would do anything to make her happy.

It is certainly useful to have something prepared but don't be afraid to ad-lib, it may sound even more heartfelt if it is not rehearsed or read out. Lastly, you need to remember to enjoy it, you should hopefully propose only once in your life so try and enjoy it; no matter how nervous you may be feeling.
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Writing is documentation. Speaking, with eye contact, is communication. Why not propose in person and read the body language instead of the English language. Unless you have a degree in English, writing it down is hard to convey what your voice inflection, your posture, the look on your face conveys.
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There are a number of ways through which you can express yourself for a marriage proposal. The important thing is that no one can promote you as you can yourself. Here is a link, that discusses the topic in detail and gives novel marriage proposal ideas.

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