I have a vibrater but it doesn't really pleasure me what else can i do?


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And just how old did you say you were???
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Ooooooh-ho-ho-ho~ you have NO idea what you could do to pleasure yourself. List is: Pump a small bit of air into yourself, there is a questions about that on this website, also you could go anal, you could anal bead yourself( try and find out how far up your womb is) or you could even check out some hentai and get some real weird and stimulating ideas.

- please don't ban me internet....

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Buy a "Doc Johnson" vibrator. I got one for one of my ex girlfriends. She absolutely loved it. Doc Johnson are very strong. Much more power than your average dildo with a vibrating function built it. TRUST me and go to your local adult store and check out a Doc Johnson. You'll like it!
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Did you read the instructions, very often no matter what you buy, if you don't read the instructions, you can get all kinds of problems.

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