How Do I Practice Kissing Using My Hand?


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Kissing your hand is sooo different from kissing another person.  Honestly, I wouldn't bother with the hand.  I'd tell your friend to just wait until he meets someone, then practice with them!  A lot of people his age haven't kissed anyone yet, and first times often are awkward.  So he doesn't have anything to feel weird about by being inexperienced, any decent person will understand!  :)
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I've heard that practicing on a large doll is a good way.
I didn't use one.  I had fun figuring that out as my
relationship went on.   As for big, wet ones...
The first time I was French-kissed by someone,
I hit him.   It was his idea (at the time I'd only
heard about it), which I thought was rather
forward of him because I'd not known him long.
AND he had a dip in his cheek.   He got the
taste of chewing tobacco, bits of it, included
when he stuck his tongue in my mouth.
I neither smoked nor dipped when I was younger
(I don't do either now), so his little surprise was
a nasty one.  To this day the idea of big, wet kisses
reminds me of that date at the fair.
As for my date, himself,  I heard that,
when I hit him, he'd swallowed his dip
and he was sick as a dog later.
I didn't see it.  I'd used my 'mad money'
(and I was mad, too)to call home and my
mother came and picked me up.
What I'm saying is don't rush things.
That may very well be something that that very
special someone and you will like to learn
about on your own.  When it happens, you'll
get all the practice you need.
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Just kiss your hand pretending your kissing the one you wish you were.
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On your right or left hand, squeeze your index finger to your thumb. Now there is a line of separation between them. Put your mouth on that line.
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Kya baat kar rahe ho you can't kiss ur hand
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You dont have to practice . If you put your hart in to your kiss that is all that matters .

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