Is It True That You Could Practice Making Out With Your Friend? That Is So Gross.


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Hiya Micheala.I've tried lots of thing with my friends,but that goes above and beyond the call of duty
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I Don't Think I'd Want To Do That
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I never heard of tht but if it is true I am never going to do it in my life!!
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Well you definitely can. Will you do it? Different question. Why not practice on your hand and let the friend guide you through it?
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Jack Mahon
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I'll practice on my hand when they grow lips. You have to be careful you may be come excited and you'll wind up having sex with your pinkies. I would never have sex with any hand that doesn't have an engagement ring on. I have scruples.
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I just laughed. Thanks.
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G'day Michaela,

Thank you for your question.

You could but you and your friend would have to be into it.

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You can do it but its more fun to find a guy to pratcice with I'm pretty sure you can ask mostguys iftheyd like to practice kissing with you tht they would say yes not many guys wouldnt
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Wouldn't  this technically make you boyfriend and girlfriend.: ) .I don't think this would be a good idea for either of you unless you were old enough to date and decided you were dating.(not just using each other like a handy wipe)and then it as the others said mite be a little strange.but not much stranger than a woman and man dating or being engaged for 10 years.
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The straight up answer to your question is: Yes, you can do that.  BUT, if you find it gross, as your question indicates, don't do it.
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I would love practicing with my next door neighbor. She's 24 years old and drop dead gorgeous. I'd enjoy working with her 10 hours a day 7 days a week until I get it right.
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Number one - I did not give you the thumbs down! Some people just don't know how to take you, my friend. I definitely think you fall into the special category my grandmother had for people like you. She would have said, "Jackyll, you are a hoot." A better description, I can not find. Thanks for the chuckle.
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I don't think so as long as they arent into you and you not into them and youve been friends for like your entire life I don't think it would be a huge problemo

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