My Friend Is Making Me Choose Between Her And Another Friend Should I Choose Her Or Leave Her. My Granny Always Says If A Friend Makes You Choose Then She Isn´t Worth It. I Don´t Know What To Choose. HELP ME?


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I would tell her that if she is going to act like that then she would not be the one I choose.
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Your granny is right if your best friend is making you choose then she is NOT worth it! A true friend likes you for who you are and if she goes off on one then tell her ill be friends with you but you have to be friends with my other friend as well otherwise both of them can get stuffed! I had a problem like this and its still going on in school so these answers have helped me!
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You should let those two friends work it out. If she still says to choose between 2 friends, then your Granny is right she wouldn't be worth it. She isn't a good friend to you if she tells you that. She should be fine with you having other friends. She isn't being a good friend to you.
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Your friend should not make you choose; we are entitled to have as many friends as we choose. Tell your friend that you can that you enjoy her company as well as the other person. I just would not include both friends if possible to the same events. Real friends unless they have selfish motives would not ask you to choose. You know we all have friends that can not get along, but I do not think you must give up one friend for another. Sometimes we enjoy our friends for different reasons, which we only know. It does not mean that you like one friend less, it just means that the other person may have other interests that attracts your friendship. When we have friends we cannot be selfish, we must learn how to share the friendship. Take care.
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Well, your granny is right at that..... Friends who want to make you choose between them or someone else is not a true friend as a true friend will accept you no matter what you are, whom you're with, and what you have.....
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Your granny is right.....that is if she knows both girls and why do are being asked to choose
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Ask them why they want to know.
Make a deal, play with her a day, then the other friend the next!
If she is not pleased, she is SO not worth your time.
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Ask your friend why she is asking to choose, if she have misunderstood something then told her that  she is wrong and don't think like this and tell her to be good friend

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