I have a friend who is constantly trying to make herself feel good about herself by being really competitive and bragging about everything. She's saying about all this great stuff her brother does (which isn't even that good) as if that somehow makes her more impressive. She's always going on about how much her Dad earns (even though my Dad earns more than hers) and then she's such a cheapskate when it comes to buying things. She's ruining our group's prom plans because of all this. What should I do?


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She's the type of person you got to her go ..there is no ways she's possibly a good friend

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She's messing up your prom plans? Well if she's in charge then all you can do is ask nicely, and suggest what you want respectfully. If she's not in charge, put someone you trust in charge. Taking votes is easy.

Good luck, and I hope I helped

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