How Do You Stop Mourning Over Someone You Love Alot?


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Penny Kay Profile
Penny Kay answered
I don't think that sense of loss ever goes away completely, but the pain of it dulls with time. I like to think that whenever I think of that person they are with me. We have the memories, and the joy of their being, with us forever. Give it time, and eventually memories will be happy times.
Zoralis Santiago Profile
Sorry for your loss hunny! Just give it some time. It doesn't necessarily mean, everything will go back to normal, but things will get easier. Just keep in mind that shes in a better place now, and thats all that matters. Never forget all the good times you had with her.
twilight light Profile
twilight light answered
You could pray to god and pray to her act as if she was just by your side and you'll see her I've done it one time with my dad who died and i pray to him everyday and you'll see that it will make you proud and your godmother proud
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Kaycee Perkins answered
Well, just concentrate on the positives, everyone looses people they love, not saying its easy. But you will get through it i swear!!

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