If You Had To Choose Between Your Friends Or Your Career, Which Would You Choose?


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I didn't have to choose between one or the other, but when I lost everything, my friends were there for me.   My career was very important to me, but when my best friend was dying, I told my boss I was taking off to be with her.  I did it twice.  If it had cost me my job. So be it.  I don't doubt she would have understood, but it was something I had to do. 
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Shefali Singhal
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Whatever it is.................................but your friends are not gonna give you your monthly salary........................if u lose your job................
Chris ????
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What a tragic affair. You have my condolences. Well I must say, I agree with you. You value both but in the end, friendship is what you select.
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If I had invested a lot of time and money into a satisfying career than, I would choose Career. Although I enjoy my friends, they don't pay my bills, and a satisfying career is not an easy thing to acquire. However, if it was not much of a job, and I could get another like it anytime, then I would choose my friends. Another good question from you z.
I say my friends for the simple reason that should i lose everything tangible that i own...friends cannot be replaced as tangible items can be.  and guess where i am gonna sleep?  lol
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Chris ????
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I truly admire that you value your friendship more than your job. This proves that you are a unreplaceable friend!
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Very good question. I've thought about it myself and the conclusion I've had to come to is, follow my career because a career implies your working on a goal you really believe in and if you're doing what you know to be your calling then hopefully friends will follow.
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That would be one of the hardest situations in your live. Everyone would want to go with friends and family, but can't and have to lose them to keep there house. I would have to go with friends. Without friends I couldn't live. You only get one family, one life, one chance to be some ones friend, when there are millions of jobs out there. You can replace a job much easier than family and friends!
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Well your career because you need some thing to live on and your best friend should under stand
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Money is only means to make ends meet for me.  I've got a couple of friends now that I'd pass up career opportunities to stay with.  What's a job really mean anyways? Living is nothing without other people to enjoy it with.
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With as long as it's taking me to finish school to GET the career... I would definitely chose the career over friends. A true friend would be there no matter what...If there not, then they're NOT a true friend. I've had friends come and go over the years and sometimes I'll think of them and miss them... AND I've had jobs come and go... But there's a HUGE difference between a job and a career. Most "jobs" don't require years of study to do, whereas a career does. I've invested years of my time to get my career......it definitely has to come first. I can make new friends... But my friends are not going to pay my bills and feed my kids... He11.. Even the state wont do that for me. I couldn't chose friends over career solely because I wont accept charity when I know I can provide for myself.
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This is why you should choose your friends wisely.. A friend would never want you in that position.  i would do a lot for my friends.. But they are not going to pay my bills or feed my family so I would have to stick with the job and hope they were wise enough to understand that. I personally would never give a friend an ultimatum like that. 
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I think it should be your career.Because it is something for which your parents have big expectations from you and secondly, your friend is not your real friend if he can't part with you for your happiness.
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You don't know that I was the one who gave you that rating, but I sure know who gave it to me. How childish of you to retaliate for something you have no proof I did! That's not the point of rating answers.
Shefali Singhal
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Just like you know, I also can make out you only have given me that comment to support your rating.And yes you are right we have no proof that your story is true or false
Shefali Singhal
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Hey everyone who gave me good rating???????????????Anyways whoever the person is,thankyofor your contribution and please tell me what did you like about my answer.
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Your career because you can't trust some people. If your friend is jealous of your career he/she will try to talk you into another career & take your job which can be irreplaceable.
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True friendship should not cost you your livelihood. Friendship and other relationships are supposed to add to your fulfillment and enjoyment not take away especially something like your career which a lot of time and youth and years have been invested into. Your friends should be enjoying with you in your career, not coming between it and definitely not trying to take it away. Friends like that can be easily set aside and new ones (perhaps who share the same career) can be made. Who wants to use the best years of their life on a career and then throw it all away for people who demand that you sacrifice for them while they enjoy what they want to do? That sounds like selfishness on that
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Pencil read my heart. Remember your friends cant take your expenses, so you cant leave your career completely. Also a person who has invested heavily in university to get education, he cant leave career coz he has spent too much time & money in acquiring it(university's fees are very high).
And as Pencil said that If a kind of Job that, another like it can be availaible anytime, then choose friends.
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Robyn Rothman
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Good friends aren't that easy to come by. If you have a good education, you can usually find another job.
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Definitely my friendship I mean yes you need a job, but I love my friends and I would do anything for them.

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Why to choose between these two when I can manage both.

I mean now days technology has become changed use the technology when these type of things arises.

and one more thing there is a solution to everything and its up to you how you manage your career (like making a time table) with friends its all about management our whole life moves around management.

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