How Do I Practice Tongue Kissing?


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Well you can't really practice witch I know you don't want to hear..well read I guess.. So all you can do is try it on your gf/bf  as many have said I know you are going to be like CRAZY nervous (been there, done that, bought the t-shirt)  but once you start I promise you will even forget your a beginner because it all comes naturally  I bet you will end up enjoying yourself but in the beginning... You just have to fight through the nerves because I chickened out my first time
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You must relax.  Go with the flow.  Practise on your girlfriend.  You are scarred that you will make a mistake.  Don't be.  There are so many ways of French Kissing that she won't even know that you don't actually know what you are doing, and without her knowing it you actually practice on her and before you know it you'll be a professional kisser.  ha ha
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Practice to your gf. I think you don't have to practice but to try then after that you will know how to do it xD
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on your hand.

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Better to practice with your gf then some kind of object right? You'll get the hang of it. When I first started I let him lead and I followed(just like dancing!). When I met my husband he never kiss a girl before, I taught him how to french kiss. I started and he followed, now he's leading me. Like they said "Practice makes perfect" *winks*
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Just take it easy. Don't shove you tongue down their mouth. Just put it out there a little and swirl it around you will get the hang of it. Practice a bunch with your gf/bf and you will get better. Just remember everyone does it a little different and likes it a slightly different way.(harder softer wetter, etc.) just get what works for you and who you are with
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I get off in about 30 minutes...

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