How Do You Kiss Romantically?


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Well when me and my gf kiss romantically I just try to put all of the love and affection I have for her in my mind and I try to convey those thoughts and feelings to her when we kiss. You'll know when your getting it right, it will be amazing and beautiful.
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When you kiss romantically, you don't use your lips, you use your heart and everything goes great from there, promise.
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Lip to lip is very romantic and enjoyable.
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If you're in a playful mood, when you're holding hands say "you have a little something on your face" shell say what and you lean in to her ear and whisper "me". Then you kiss
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Both of you sit separately and think about the other for five minutes and bring all your romance thoughts into your eyes and the guy should kiss the girl at her forehead (meaning : You are the one I love sincerely and truly in my entire life) and the girl should kiss the guy at his shoulders(meaning: You are the one whom I trust throughout my life).
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just look at each other and keep both eyes each other and come nearer , nearer, and start kissing,,,,,,, !
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Me 2 I don't know what to do well you can have dinner with parent's then go 2 your room and speak about your self then you will get the right moment Mabie
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After a date or so, the special sweet guy will take you home. At the doorstep, you look deeply into his eyes and smile. Then, cuddle closer to him, and he'll hold you, and slowly lean in and kiss him softly on the lips. And he'll kiss back.

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