How Do You Plan A Romantic Weekend?


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If this were an easy question, then there would be no conflict between men and women.

Part of the difficulty lies in defining 'Romance'. Not only does this differ generally between the sexes, but each of us in turn is created differently. The essence of romance is to feel the full love of the person you care about.

Starting with HOW your partner feels loved would be a good starting point. In his book "5 Languages of Love", Dr. Gary Chapman defines the different ways that people 'hear' and 'speak' love as:

A) Words of Affirmation- saying things that let them know that you both love them, and accept them as who they are
B) Physical Touch- not 'sex' (though including sex), but also just a gentle touch, massage, stroking their hair, holding hands, etc. I might add that I've come to feel strongly that sex should be only within marriage. When you have sex with someone, you are in a real sense becoming 'one' with them, and this is not something to be taken lightly.
C) Acts of Service- doing things for the other person. This could be washing their dishes, helping them with homework, washing their car, or any other act to serve their needs
D) Quality Time- spending time just with them. For some men, this can be just being in the same room, but with many people it involves not doing anything else, but focusing all your attention entirely on them.
E) Gifts- These don't need to be big, but they show that you have thought of them even when they are not there.
Think about how your partner expresses love for you, and these are probably their primary languages of love. When planning a romantic activity, think about speaking their language.

If your partner expresses love through gifts, words, and time, then your romantic evening should include these. There are many possibilities on what to do... Focus on those that meet your partners heartfelt needs.
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To plan a romantic evening, take her for a candlelit dinner with fine wine and excellent cuisine. It's important that it's a restaurant the she has never been to with you before. And of course, telling her how you feel about her over candlelight makes it really seem like you want intimacy, which is the key to romance. Telling her she's very special and beautiful is very important as it shows that she's number one in your life.
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Take her to your house. Bake for her cookies or something. Spend sometimes together den take her out. Go to a romantic place like exclusive restaurant, plan everything make sure you have flowers ready on d table. Get them to play romantic song when you step in. Dine together n tell her you love her the whole night.
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A romantic weekend is an opportunity for lovers to spend quality time together. It is a much-coveted and highly rare occasion in today's hectic work schedules. People prefer to spend a day or two with their partners, doing what they like doing. It may be going on a long drive, watching a movie, sharing a romantic meal or spending some intimate moments in the company of each other. Couples eagerly await a weekend so that they can switch off work and socialising with others.

In the context of a present-day scenario, the definition of a romantic weekend has changed to such an extent that instead of spending time in each others arms, couples are now invariably seen spending their weekends doing the most mundane and day-to-day chores. Most modern-day couples tend to include such routine tasks as cleaning, cooking and washing clothes or utensils (in the company of each other, of course) in the definition of a romantic weekend.

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Make a reservation at the best restaurant in the area or if you guys are already intimate, make a reservation for a weekend getaway at a really nice hotel. Don't tell her what you have planned, surprise her.
If you go to the hotel, have room service set up flowers and champagne in your room before you guys get there. Then just keep on telling her how beautiful she is, how special she is to you, etc., and if you don't have the money, even a picnic in a park can be really romantic, just bring a bottle of wine, some fruit and bread. It just takes a little imagination, hope this helps...
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A romantic weekend is defined as when two people have time to themselves without a third party or anyone else around.They may go out of town and stay at a hotel and just relax and enjoy one another's company.
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Very much depending on just how much romance this girl expects thru this excursion into Amor', this will have a price tag attached. Peruse the travel section of a larger city newspaper's, better choices are displayed in the Sunday editions. Using your current available funds as a a three day excursion package the lovely young woman would not object to. Purchase one (1)'s not earth shattering if you can afford only one half of the cost.
Tell her to pack her overnight & prepare for an enjoyable mini-vacation...hand her the ticket and maybe a "Have a Good Time" handwritten note, even go so far as to place everything described in a tastefully gift wrapped box. Oh! As a complete package, should she have a pet, make the kind offer to care for the pet while she is away on vacation, this one thoughtful little gesture may be the touch that puts her over the top!
You have now planned a extended weekend for the both of you, maybe even the three of you counting the dog or whatever, to enjoy and forever cherish....your thoughtfulness and giving will directly provide untold unobstructive opportunity for three days of bliss for all parties involved. Good for you. Pal! Do write back on just how swimmingly things turned out, wouldn't you!
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Okay, well I would start with taking her out to dinner. I would suggest a candle-lit dinner with excellent service in a quiet, serene atmosphere. Try to avoid taking her to a place she's already been, and when she asks where you are taking her, present it as a surprise. Being a fellow woman, I personally love a nice, calm walk on the seashore while discussing everything imaginable. When you greet her, tell her she looks beautiful or ravishing, NEVER SAY sexy or smoking hot. Read the following:
The key to romance is politely complimenting your loved one.
I hope this helps.
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The best way is to go to a Travel Agency ... They can arrange wonderful packages for a get-away at various price levels. Stress that you want a "romantic" get-away.

Good Luck
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Tom you know me and I'm a Cowboy and it would involve horses camping out, and cooking over a camp fire, not a camp stove, and a lot of mother nature, in a lot of different ways, but a lot of one on one and no one around, because!
And bathing in a water troth, too!
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Dude if she is complaining about not enough time away with you...
For gosh sakes take her to Eureka Springs, Arkansas stay in an old hotel, eat at one of the Victorian restaurants or biker grills downtown about dusk and then take a long stroll through downtown then head back to the hotel for a wild and wet nite!!!!
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Bed and Breakfast for sure...girls love that.  Also, wineries or spa facilities are good.  If you are from the midwest check out the Ben Miller Inn.  It is in a small city called Ben Miller, Ontario.  Two really cute small shopping towns near by, beautiful area and gorgeous facility AND great food!  

Just remember what girls like.....attention, suprises, chocolate and your interest.  That is what makes anything romantic.
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I don't know I'm kinda trying to get people to answer my questions. M name is Fergie26.
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For a romantic weekend I would plan to take my GF for a candle light dinner
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Sky I really like you, you need more imagination a woman like to be treated different, but special put them in your world, but only the BEST parts then make them the center of THAT world! If anything else happens YOU only concentrate on them!
You can't be me or anyone else so being you is most important that's why she is there! Take away the rest of the world, and make her the apex and center piece of your life! Your just like my best friend Dave super nice and mean good, but take TOO MUCH FOR GRANTED!
I hope I didn't offend you for I do thank your a very special person!
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you are absolutely correct about what you have said about me mr logic. I have done somany special things for a romantic weekend, they have backfired. I did'nt want to write it because, what ever i had done (i mean special) was not taken seriously by dear one. That's y i did 'nt want to spoil the mood of you people.

Another thing my dear friend you can call me suman not sky. I did'nt get offended. Because I assume you as my friend.
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I recommend going to the beach,going to a romantic france themed restaurant, staying at your's or her house and watch a movie!
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As usual we do everything in expromt and there is no point for planing because more romantic you need less planing is needed

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