How Do I Plan A Romantic Night For My Boyfriend In A Hotel Room?


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Book it for the exact night he comes home. Decorate it with flower petals and candles everywhere. Buy yourself something that can't wait to take off you! And yeah! Lol My husband has been gone for 4 months this month and won't be home til february! So I know how you're feeling. But that's the best answer I can give you!
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First, have a romantic dinner,with candles,then put in a romantic movie, that might make him horny,then about half way through the movie,lean over and kiss him, then about 10 min. Later start making out with him, then most likely he will get really really horny, tell him "lets go to the bed" then he while most likely agree, then once your get there rip off his clothes,if you do that then he will probably rip yours off too, then you can come up with the rest.
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Book the hotel room for the night he comes back, he should be surprised.
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Think daring, sexy, Wild vixen.
Men especially when they are still in the boyfriend state like a firery woman,one that just lets lose and is so confident.(think I should try this out myself,thanx.)
Good Luck!

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