Last night my sisters boyfriend passed away in an accident. She won't talk to anyone or leave her room or eat. What do I do? This is the 3rd tragic death in our small town in only a weeks time


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She suffered a devastating loss. Wait patiently. Tell her every 3 hours thru the door you love her and you have warm food for her. Wait patiently.

Sometimes, we just need time to grieve alone. It takes time to go through all the stages of grief. She needs space and time to get her loss.

Just say thru the door, "I'm here for you, talk to me when your ready".

I'm sorry for your sister and your loss.

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You may need to give her time to grieve. Bereavement is intensely personal and sometimes we just need to be alone. I'm very sorry for her loss, and for your own distress.

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Wish I could help, sorry for your loss. Drive safe.

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She needs time to grieve. There isn't much you can do. If she is letting you in her room, you could just go in and sit with her. Don't say anything just sit there. That way your sister will know she is not alone, without forcing her to do something she isn't ready for.

I am sorry for your sister's loss.

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She has suffered a devisating loss .. And there is not much anyone can do to offer her comfort, I'm afraid.  That is just the nature of grief.  It takes time to go through all the stages of grief .. And right now .. She needs space and time to get through this.

I am so sorry for your loss, and hope she recovers from this soon.

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