Weekend Plans?


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My son and I are about to go out for lunch.  Yum!  Pizza at Lionstone!

We're cooking out this weekend.  I haven't decided on the menu yet.

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Personally, Jan, I believe that their parents are telling them that they are gay or transgender. I don't believe that a 3 or 4 y/o has any idea or has the vocabulary to understand what that means.

So Sally wants to be a tomboy and wants to dress like a boy, wearing jeans and a polo shirt. She's 3 years old! My brother had four older sisters - he ran around wearing our slips and dresses until he was 5. He also played with our Barbie dolls, along with his action guys.

That's just what kids do, in my opinion. It doesn't mean that they are transgender and I don't believe that parents are doing their kids any favors by planting this in their heads.

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Yes!  My husband and I are taking a 3 hour train ride on the "historic Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad" in WV.  Trains were built in the 50's and 60's.  I think it will be a lot of fun seeing the great scenery and seeing what train comfort was back in the day.

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Leisurely Breakfast out on the Deck . . . Float in the pool for a couple of hours, then some yard or house work and grill some steaks or burgers . . . Rinse repeat for Sunday unless I need to drive into Boston to move my oldest back home for the summer.

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I'll be painting the upstairs apartment all weekend.

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Darik Majoren
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I actually don't mind painting . . . very Zen like . . . you supply the pizza, I bring the beer, and we'll "Git er done!"
Ancient Hippy
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I'm not a big fan of painting but it's gotta get done. I've got plenty of pizza if you want to help.
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going to my parents later today. Gunna spend saturday at the mall with my mum.

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I never seem to know until it comes. Weather is supposed to be excellent, so chances are I'll be in the pool a lot of the time :)

Probably go out to dinner with a couple friends, at least. Next weekend I'll be gone for several days hiking, biking, boating, and maybe partying etc. For fourth of July weekend :)

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Tomorrow night, we're going to Central Park ( no, not that Central Park.  The Central Park in Louisville) to see Shakespeare in the park.  Other than that I hope to get copious amounts of quilting. 

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