How Do You French Kiss A Man?


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Kissing can be a lot of fun and it's a great idea to try and spice up your particular style of kissing. Arguably the most popular style of kissing is the French kiss. Firstly, you need to brush your teeth and tongue and meet your mate only when you are well groomed, clean and fresh. This is the most important thing to keep in mind before attempting to kiss anyone. Get comfortable and hold your man gently but firmly.

You need to then move in; you can try tilting your faces a little to avoid bumping noses. Start off by kissing gently, the way you usually do with your lips closed. It's a good idea to keep your eyes closed. Slowly, tentatively and very lightly you can then move your tongue across your man's lips. Once he parts his lips, gently take your time exploring his tongue in a delicate licking motion. You may then try other options like sucking on it or even wrestling with it. Move on to explore other areas of his mouth. Remember to keep it light and have fun.
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Well I'm 12 and I acually just french kissed a guy last night.
1. Like any kiss have a mint first no garlic or anything spicy
2. Just kiss
3. If he likes the kiss then play with eachothers tounges
4. Have funnnnnn!!
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Well first have a normal kiss , if that goes well it could lead to a longer kiss , but experiment , don't force yourself onto him to much. I'm 12 and trust me I know what I'm talking about , and yes I have done it before .. <3
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First, touch your lips slowly with his lips and open your mouth and lock it with his mouth and start it simple, just a simple kiss and then take your tongue out and lick his lips and make it wet and then put your arms around him and squeeze him so he knows your comfy with it and then start touching and playing with each other's tongues and have a SEXY time together.
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You take your clothes off and lay on each other then kiss then hump then your done HAVE FUN!!

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