How Do You French Kiss Without Slobbering All Over A Person?


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French kissing involves some tongue action between the two kissers.
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It's just kind of... You start kissing -- then you relax and let your mouths start to open -- then you just kind of start stroking and sucking on each others tongues.  It's kind of freaky at first, but then it just sort of happens on it's own.
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Maybe he has the wrong idea of what a french kiss is. French kissing does involve the tongue but it is usually mouth to mouth and tongues playing with each others and in the others mouth. Licking the face, neck, ears and elsewhere is not french kissing. Some people enjoy being kissed about like this but if you don't, maybe you should ask him not to. You need to let him know what you like and don't like or he will never be able to satisfy you.
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You can French kiss with out getting slobbered on. Just ask him to turn it down a little and stay in the mouth or where you want him to.
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Make sure you start with a simple kiss .then slowly open your lips partly and allow your tongue to meet his. If his are tightly closed don't try this tongue things.make sure you think how much you like him while doing it.
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Tell him not to move his lips :]
lol he just creates excess saliva. Hope this helps! :]
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I think that you let your tongue go soft drink millions of water make sure you relax during it no boy wants a stiff darting tongue pointing around his mouth.
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It usually starts of with juss soft kisses then gradually change to open mouth kissing then usually the pair join open mouth together then depends on how much tongue you use that's about it.
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Okay , well I'm a girl and a bit of slobber isn't bad as long as her mouth isn't drenched in your saliva. So chill out and don't let it bother you too much:)

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