Why does my mom care about my weight? I'm 17, female, and I weigh 238lbs. She always tells how disgustingly fat I am and how I will never succeed because I'm ugly and fat. I don't mind being fat. Why is she so mean?


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Your mom could have been one of those skinny, popular, judgmental jock girls in high school. Prove your mom wrong about you not being successful, do well in school and get an awesome job. you can do it!! don't let your mom's mean words hurt your future (its hard to hear such things from your own mom but don't let it push you down)

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In some sick twisted kind of way maybe your mom thinks she is helping you....... I would get the best grades I could, go to the best college I can, get a very successful job and make her eat her words! YOU GO GIRL! :0)

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She should never call you "ugly" and "fat".  But I'm sure you're overweight and she's concerned about you in her own way.  Being overweight is unhealthy and you're just shortening your life that way.  Maybe talk to your doctor about this.

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I'm just going to throw this out there - but could it be she's embarrassed that you're fat as she's it's a reflection of her parenting, such as if she were parenting well, you wouldn't be fat? I'm not saying that she's right, but I'm wondering if that's what she's thinking.

In any event, it's not really healthy for a young adult to be overweight. It simply will lead to further health problems down the road.

You could sit down with her and talk this out with her. You could tell her that it hurts you when she says mean things about your weight, which leads you to act like it doesn't hurt you.

I would also suggest that you put a kibosh on soda and fried foods for the summer - try to walk as much as possible - drink more water and eat more healthy foods, more fruits and veggies. Ask her for her help in having more healthy things at home for you to eat. Also ask her to go on walks with you in the evenings when it's cooler out. She will see that you're trying and hopefully will stop the unkind remarks. Good luck.

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