A guy in my university hurt me so bad but i still want him back I'm confused?


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Jann Nikka answered

Immediately seek abuse help and immediately move on.

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Tom Jackson answered

Relationships are habituating---whether they are good or bad.

If he was able to hurt you that much, you must have been closely involved with him.

What you feel is normal.

But it is likely to happen again unless you bring your intellect into play here.

Just be aware that nothing will change if you get back together unless you are both clear on what you expect from and will tolerate (or not tolerate = "deal breaker) in the other if you resume the relationship.

Good luck

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Barb Cala answered

Why would you want to give him the chance to hurt you again?  Are you so desperate to be with someone?  Find your own personal happiness before getting involved with anyone.  You're making bad choices based on your low self-esteem.  That can be very dangerous.

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If he hurt you so badly then he has no respect for you and he's dangerous.  If you mean he hurt you emotionally and not physically then the chances are he'll do it again.  Why set yourself up for more pain?

If you are talking about being hurt physically call an abuse hotline and report him to the police because I can absolutely guarantee you're not the first girl he's done this to.  Imagine your life with a man who deliberately hurts you. 

NEVER, never allow someone to harm you physically, demand respect and you'll get it but to even consider continuing a relationship with a coward who abuses women is not the way to happiness it could be the way to your funeral.

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