Why are guys so complicayed? They don't ask me out or approach me that's why their so complicated.


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Try smiling more. It makes you look more approachable.

Go out on a limb and ask guys out. They love it...it's a compliment to them.

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Focus on your career.

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You're young give it time, trust me i was age 28 when i met my very first girlfriend now ex-girlfriend..There is someone for everyone out there.. Best wishes never say never cause you know that is not true!!!

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You are mistaken, and this is why you fail.

Guys are simple creatures, base and predictable. When seeking women, they (we) think with stomach, ego and penis (though not necessarily in that order). Appeal to one, and you’ll have a line on the rest.

The fact that they aren’t approaching you could mean several things;

A) You are unattractive in some obvious way. Guys are basically shallow. Maybe you present yourself poorly, or you smell bad, look unpleasant or you talk too much, too loud, or too little.

B) You intimidate men. You are too smart, too tall, or dress or act strangely. Maybe you are truly good looking, but aloof. Or you have bigger muscles than they do.

C) You are overthinking this. Trying too hard. Or, trying the wrong methods, maybe in the wrong places.

Advice: Lighten up, be yourself, smile often, and be approachable but not easy. Emphasize your best assets. Dress to impress. Be honest about any shortcomings, get input from your (true) friends. 

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Olivia  Davis
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It frustrates me because I might never have a guy approach me.
Yin And Yang
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I agree with Otis! Stars with a standing ovation!!!
Tom  Jackson
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Good answer, Don---as Otis indicated.

Unfortunately, this person is really Markisha Mackey---also know as The Fart Queen on Yahoo Answers.

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