Why Hasn't My Guy Friend Asked Me Out Yet?


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Samie M answered
Maybe he is waiting for you. Ask him.. He might not know you like him... He might be confussed. So ask him, u'll never know unless you TRY!
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anneka hall answered
Maybe he only likes you as a friend. If he has known you for a long time then maybe your just meant to be his best girl friend not his girlfriend. I have had a crush on the same guy for over 3 1/2 years and he knows.
Does your guy friend know you like him? If not maybe he likes you but doesn't think you like him. Maybe he is wondering the same thing you are about you.
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Georgia Kandila answered
Maybe because he is not into you he is just fooling aroun with you.... Maybe he is not ready for a serious relationship.... Maybe he thinks that you gonna turn him down if he asks you out.... The best thing to do is to tell him how you feel about him and if he still won't go out with you then there are other fins in the sea.... So good luck with whatever you chose to do:):):)
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kayla miles answered
Ask him if he likes you
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Danielle answered
Maybe he still doesnt know if you're right for him.or he has a girlfriend on the sly? :( x
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Regina Bates answered
What's wrong with acking Him?  He is the only one that can give you a straight answer.  Ask him and get it over with.  He's ither going to say yes he likes you too, or No he just like the flurt

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