I'm confused. I think that me and this boy are dating but I'm not sure. I ride his bus. He asked me out, I said yes. But he hasn't called me his girlfriend yet. Is this a bad sign??


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I had this trouble with my first boyfriend. Instead of saying that we were boyfriend-girlfriend, he kinda avoided that conversation when I tried bringing it up and we just called each other "the person I am dating". Later did I find out that he had been reluctant to call us official because he was just using me to get over his previous girlfriend and I figured that he really wasn't looking for anything too deep.

Anyway, point being is that you need to try to bring it up. It's usually not going to resolve on its own. And if he avoids it when you bring up the subject, then that is a red flag you need to look out for. Other than that, just ask him about it when you two are alone. Don't beat around the bush when you bring it up, just go for it. Simply ask what he sees this relationship as. I know that that may sound kinda awkward but it'll help clear the air.

Here are some tips that I found were actually helpful in determining whether or not the guy you're dating considers you as a girlfriend. Some of it applies to people who are adults and more independent, but (I'm guessing you're still in middle or high school) most are pointers and indications that can be pretty universal when it comes to dating guys. Also be aware that not all of it will match your situation 100% so be flexible with how you interpret it. Feel free to check it out!

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