So I like this guy he is sweet and he tells me I'm beautiful... It seems too good to be true. He asked me out, but I can't date. I feel bad for having to say no. I'm not that girl who disobeys her parents though. Help me please?


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Hey I have the same problem.. So all i think we can do (besides not listening to our parents) is just to hope the guy likes you enough to stick around or he is just not the one.. I'm sorry i totally know how it feels.. :/

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Taylor Kemnitz
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Thanks and he was not as great as I thought. :( He moved on.
Anna Major
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Oh.. Sorry:(
Corrissa Neal
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I know hiw it feels too. But remember that when you are older, you can always say yes. If he tells you that you already said no and that's how it is going to be, that is his problem not yours.

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