Why am I so picky with dating guys? Why are some guys jerks?


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tia diamondz Profile
tia diamondz answered
Most guys are jerks and just because you keep running into them doesnt mean your standards are high just means there are alot of lames out there. Guys act like jerks because believe it or not alot of girls like that and deal with it. So guys dont know how to treat a girl who wont put up with it. I have had this discussion with many guys friends and they agree.... Guys will treat you how you let them.
kimber greer Profile
kimber greer answered
Well yur so picky because you have rules that need to be fallowed and u want to find a boy that understands those rules and standards but all boys are jerks most the time but scence they are most the time i think u should wait for the right guy that can fallow you rules/ standards and thats not a jerk to u because in the end u will be the one getting hurt not the boy! Been there, done that trust me
breanna cagle Profile
breanna cagle answered
Because you don't want to get hurt trust me more girls should be picky about guys and because they just wont to come in your life and mess it up than leave you
Javen Martinez Profile
Javen Martinez answered
Because if we don't act like a jerk you girls wont be interested in us and give us a chance nor give it up!  Sorry but its the truth!  Girls are the reason for guy being Jerks.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Because you have standards but since all guys are jerks, the idea is to find the one who is the least of a jerk that you can deal with and then remopld him slowly into what you truly want

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