Is Cum Swallowing Normal For Guys?


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I think most men, regardless of sexual orientation, have at least tried their own cum. And it doesn't take much effort to find many websites devoted to this fetish and the men who are addicted to it. I'd venture to guess the percentage of homosexual men who swallow the cum of their partners is likely similar to the percentage of women who swallow thier man's load. Anyone agree or disagree?
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Richard Maies
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I don't know the stats for sure but I'd venture to state that gay men who give head, love to swallow.
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Yea, I'm 19, straight dude, but ive tasted my own cum before. Lotsa times even.  Crazy but I frequently shoot cum that hits my face & mouth (usually not intentional, tho 2 b honest ive done it a few times  on purpose)!
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I do it with my Boyfriend, He doesn't like it but likes me doing it. A lot of people do it. I find it quite sensual
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Swallowing my own sperm is a normal thing for me. It is completley safe. I like to lift my legs up over my head. The simplest is to take it from my hand, it's faster but a lot less fun. If I know for sure my man is clean and safe, then without a doubt... Giving head is by far the best!
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I have tasted my own sperm a few times, it kinda burns the back of my thoat so I don't do it much, but I love the taste of my precum!
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It is if they WANT to swallow it.  Unless you are talking like "emotionally"  then I wouldn't know, but I have some 'gay' friends that love the semen, I mean LOVE it & they want it all over them. (yuck)  "cum" is the only worse part of giving head in my opinion.  Bleh semen....

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