Is Swallowing Sperm Bad For You?


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Tracy Koroma answered
Not at all! In fact, there are actually several health benefits to swallowing the semen of a healthy man. The only time it’s dangerous to ingest semen is if the man has a sexually-transmitted disease.

Semen - High In Protein
Protein helps the body to repair itself, and is great for building muscle. Semen - the substance that contains sperm - is full of protein.

Antidepressant Qualities of Semen
The results of one scientific study actually suggest that semen can have an anti-depressant effect on women who either swallow it or don’t use a condom!

Reduced Risk Of Breast Cancer
Several studies have been done on the effects of ingesting semen, and have found that it might actually reduce the risks of breast cancer by “no less than 50%”.

I Heard That Semen Is Full Of Calories!
You heard wrong - that's an urban myth! A teaspoon of sperm - which is usually how much a guy releases - contains between 5 and 7 calories. That's about the same as one almond.

When Is It Unsafe To Swallow Semen?
If the man is infected with a sexually-transmitted disease such as HIV or herpes. However, transmission via oral sex is much rarer than transmission through unprotected vaginal or oral intercourse.
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No, there's nothing harmful inside it to hurt a girl.
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John Thomsen answered
No, it is essentially protein-based and mildly high in calories, but other than that it is perfectly fine.

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