Do Girls Like Mohawks On Men?


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It's interesting; I had a Mohawk for about 3 years and have had different reactions.  It takes a level of confidence to wear a Mohawk and when done properly (not too big/ outlandish) it can actually help with meeting women.  

While some women may think that a hawk is stupid or for attention, others are intrigued and want to know what it is that made you don a Mohawk.  One of my favorite reasons for wearing one is to weed out the judgmental and inflexible women.  If a woman sees my hawk and decides that she doesn't want to get to know me on that shallow and pathetic basis, she is definitely not someone I want in my life.  We all have our reasons for why and why not we do things and for this I have many.  Just know this, those who are judged on a regular basis tend not to judge, but have this to say, **** you and your closed minded world.
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I have had a mohawk on and off for the past 2 years.  Its shaved tight all around it and only about 2.5 inches wide and maybe two inches tall and spiked it only goes from front to the top part of the back of my head any farther and to me it looks like a rattail or something.  I will admit I always have done very well with women before that.  But, when I did first start my mohawk one nite when I had to many drinks, haha I found that meeting women was easier.  I was seeing a girl at the time who thought it looked good so I was content.  Actually some of my good male friends said that I was able to pull the look off really well.  Later on I broke things off with the girl and found that if the mohawk works for you,  it works with women.  What ICEMAN 1591 said couldnt be more true.  It gets rid of the judgemental drama queens out there.  I'm going to a concert in chicago this weekend and am going to bring back my mohawk for that reason.   Outgoing women love the mohawk!!!!!
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Some girls like spiky hair that's for sure, something about that hair-do turns girls on.
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Some would like it though..=D we all are different.. I'm sure there are girls who like it..
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I can tell you that my granddaughter (who is a senior in high school) does not like what I call "outlandish" hairstyles on boys.

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