Do guys like thigh gaps on girls?


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angie zhang answered

hmm depends really , on the guy , us girls have a personal opinion on what is attractive to a guy  in fact guys dont really care if you have a thigh gap or not , though some guys who really care about their girls self image wants this but these guys are quite judgemental , most guys dont care about thigh gaps , whether your skinny or curvy , they mostly like you for your personality and take your good looks and good bod as a bonus , so honestly it depends on the guy , sometimes you see guys check out girls with a good rack , this doesnt mean he doesnt like a good rack but it doesnt mean he doesnt like girls who neccesarily have a big rack . So dont worry though many girls envy thigh gaps , i dont know why its just a gap between the thighs , but dont worry im sure lots of guys do but most really dont care .

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Brian Scott answered

I honestly have not heard a guy mention thigh gaps once. The only people who do are girls that are worried about their appearance.

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