Why do men like lesbians?


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Kennedy Werbenjagermanjensen Profile
A couple reasons for men being so attracted to lesbians is because, they would rather see someone sleep with another woman instead of another man and also because some men have the fantacy about being with two women instead of one.
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Arthur Wright answered
Many men always dream of being caught bewtween two women and with Lesbian, thats achievable, no offense intended to the Gay community before I get into trouble again
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Forest Lone answered
They feel that they are man enough to change the lesbian preference.
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daniel tyson answered
Coz there fun
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Meta Forrest answered
Why does anyone like any person ?  They are human beings you know, not martians .  There would be no reason not to like them simply because of their sexual preferences . 
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AMz N-A commented
I'm not judging anyone in my question, it's just a known fact that most men do I just wanted to know the reason why.
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Mo Jo answered
I'm a man and I don't like lesbians sexually.  Because they have realized what all men already know. That women don't really need us.
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Soren Knudsen answered
I don't ... Though I have nothing against them personally. I like women to want to have sex with me and not each other.
Nikki Smith Oliver Profile
Because it gets them excited to see two or three girls having sex together and then they're hoping they can join in eventually

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