Do Guys Get Embarrassed When They Get A Hard On While Kissing? Or Do They Know You KNOW?


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Javen Martinez Profile
Javen Martinez answered
I can't speak for every guy but for me...I don't get embarrassed! The reason why is because if while I'm kissing a girl I get a hard on WHY would I hide it that'll be like you doing something good and no one congratulating you for it! Feel me? And from experience if she sees that I'm hard she simultaneously get wet! ;) So if anything it results in something GREAT so why would I do anything to prevent that?!  Thats my opinion anyway #Legit
kylie bubzee Profile
kylie bubzee answered
Cause they don't want you too feel like they are going to pressure you into anything.. And I guess they want too play it cool!
Allabarra Lantern Profile
Some might ask what is wrong if a guy is not getting an erection whilst kissing.
Since all guys are different, but you will always be you...the real point here is possibly; do you get embarrassed, and if so, why?

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