Why Do Men Like Sucking On Breasts So Much?


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Men are naturally attracted to breasts, and sucking them might be one way of expressing that.

Some psychologists suggest that men's obsession with breasts is, in part, down to memories of being breastfed as a baby.

There are, however, other theories that discredit this idea.

Why are men obsessed with boobs?
Men are definitely attracted to women's breasts - you can tell that, just by the large range of words that they use for them (boobs, tits, hooters, ta-ta's, knockers etc...).

But where this fascination stems from is not exactly known - although it is safe to assume that the interest is sexual in nature.

Why do men like sucking on women's breasts?
Although it can be easy to associate men's obsession with breasts with being breastfed as a baby, this theory leaves two major gaps:

  • Why don't women have the same feeling towards other women's breasts?
  • How do women in certain tribal parts of South America and Africa walk around with their breasts exposed without attracting attention from males?
Based on the two points above, I'd suggest that the way men view breasts - and their frequent fondness for sucking on them - is probably more of a cultural trait.

My opinion is that, although there are certainly psychological factors associated with sucking on breasts, culture and social environment also probably play pivotal roles in feeding this habit.

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