Why Do Women Want Big Boobs?


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I have no clue why they want them. I have them, and I want them gone. But to answer your question, the media tells all women that no matter how skinny or blonde or pretty they are, that there is something wrong with them. They make us all feel incapable of being what a man desires, of what they think is perfect. We are all perfect in our own way, and then the media goes and tellls us theres something wrong with us....simple as that.
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I'm pretty sure that has to do with fitting in and feeling like you're not left out of anything. Honestly, I felt the same way when I was younger and I am now a young woman myself and filled out just fine. Women always silently compare themselves to others, it's normal... =] hope that helps
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I think the reason why women want bigger boobs is because the media tells them that men want a women that has bigger breasts and than they tell their friends and pretty soon all women including teenagers want big boobs
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Simple; size does matter. Big is beautiful.
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To attract men.

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Women fell the more Breast is in size to look at then the more people will look at them.

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