Why Do Men Like Nude Girls?


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A great percentage of men love to see nude females compared to the women who appreciate seeing nude men. The woman is one of the most beautiful work of nature. A woman is for a man and a normal man prefers a female genus. Therefore, men love seeing nude females for they feel a natural appreciation and tremendous admiration on the most adorable and wonderful work of nature...the woman!
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I agree with the woman part of the question, but the question was about nude girls! Again i say them kind of men are perverts!!!
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Because men are drawn to visual awareness and beauty
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I actually ask myself the same thing..And I think they like nude girls because it keeps them entertained or they aren't satisfied with the girl they like or love. 
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I agree with iam 15! If a man likes to look at a nude girl, that man is a pervert! Now if a man likes to look at a nude woman, dats different!!!
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It is not good for man to be alone,and all the animals were brought before adam to choose from.but none were to adams liking for a mate ,so God created the perfect human form for man to have a help meet(yes help meet),in the bonds of marriage.flesh of his flesh,bone of his bone.taken from his side. In other words God intended the wo-man to be his equal,his partner,help mate his other half to compliment him.so the nakedness(nude as you put it) of her form would promote a bond between the husband and wife  for pro- creation.or as the bible  says to become one.to make it any more or less is to define yourself as such.in other words God made his best creation for man.to enjoy in marriage.and if your sitting there thinking it's just to attract the man your partly wrong and partly right .it is to attract the one and only mate your suppose to have for life.in other words to make a connection with each other that you will never have again to that level as the first. See God thinks of everything and has a perfect plan for the one that you are suppose to look upon in the nude.anything else only gives a false representation of love or should I say lust in a mans mind.this would be my guess.
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I think this is a question only a man can answer ...at least from the side of experience. A woman can guess or speculate, but that's all. I don't think I'll touch this one, for that very reason. Still, I am enjoying reading the answers and comments everyone has shared.
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We just do. It's the stimulus that makes them desirable to keep the world populated. I know I wish I was a lesbian, I'd stay home 24 hours a day just looking at myself in the mirror. I just think girls are luscious.
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There is nothing more visually appealing that a beautiful girl. Except for when said girls gets nude. Does it make me a pervert when I want to see my girlfriend nude? I don't think so.

It just seems like men are a much stronger urge to see the beauty in a visual way. Where as women see beauty in a more overall way (Not just looks, but as mental, will, humor, supportive. All this gets mixed together emotionally for a woman when she sees beauty in a man.)

Men just don't look as good physically as a woman does. This is probably why most women have a much stronger emotional attachment to their man than the man has to her. Most men would look at themselves in the mirror and go "I would never want to sleep with that" but a woman can look at a man and see beyond the physical beauty and be with the man that is under the skin.

Just my opinion
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I heard it explained this way:
Men were born with only enough blood
to think with one head at a time
And with gravity being as it is.....
No insult intended, guys.

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