Why Do Many Men Loves Beautiful girls... Why Don't They Love Ugly Girls Too?


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Addilynn Addilynn Profile
Lol I am laughin at his a lot. You say that boys do not fall for ugly girls yeh? How do you come to that conclusion? How do you know what is ugly to a boy and what is not?  Whatever may be perfect in my eyes may never be perfect in your eyes so that judgement is somewhat misled.  For example....a boy likes you...and there is a boy that hates you....so what are you? Ugly or beautiful? Every girl is beautiful I don't know how many times I have said this in my whole life!   And obviously if a boy loves a girl that is not that good-looking then she is not ugly to him is she?
Sarah uhasdasjad Profile
Because that how guys are! They are disgusting people. But not all are like that,but most are. They judge you for your looks. I hate that! They should try to understand inside counts too. It should be beautiful too.
Fernando Bonilla Profile
They’re not a beautiful person that doesn’t have a defect & there is a not ugly girl it is how you think about yourself; you have to love yourself & take care of your body & your brain & you will we pretty too. Remember that the most beautiful part of a person is your intelligence & your feelings so don’t worry about been ugly you are as pretty as you want to be
Mo youdntneedtokno Profile
Thats not true at all, not matter what a girl looks like all girls are beautiful in their own special way. Maybe you just havent found the right guy yet but I bet in time you will and you'll love just as much as he loves you:) hope this was helpful:)
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CJ answered
Because saying this from a guys view is that, we have the thought in our head that the guy with the most beautiful or sexy women is the guy with the most props we gut up on the social bar. And guys make fun of the guys with non beautiful women, so its a dog eat dog world out there in the guys point of view
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Chenin Well answered
No girl is ugly in this world. As far as the question is concerned, I would say majority of the girls also dream of handsome looking "prince charming" type of men.  Not only that but many of them are attracted to only those men who are handsome as well as wealthy. That is another disgusting state of mind but as far as beauty is concerned, we have to define beauty first.
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asmi cute answered
I am ugly but boys like me
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dylan ogle answered
Ok I am a boy and well I don't care what they look like all I care is if they have a good heart and I'm dating one of the ugliest girls in my school right know
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Shira Rossiter answered
It's largely due to the concept created by the media over a ridiculously long time, that stereotypically 'beautiful' women are of a higher status and should be more greatly desired than others.
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Emiliano munoz answered
From your picture you are not ugly(Sorry if I am trying to make you feel bad if the question is about you) Guys are mean sometimes,everyone is unique
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Eleanor jones answered
Bimbos tend to turn a lot of mens heads but they wouldnt necessarily want to marry one preferring instead a more genuine type of woman for a wife. Besides what is beauty to one person is not to another.
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Maxine Chan answered
Girls are beautiful inside and out and if guys think you are ugly than they are not worth being with.
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chen lyfen answered
No, there are some men who like ugly girls too, so the beauty is not important , good hearted and good girls are worth to love .
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There is somebody out there for everyone. I'm 26 and was abused by men and bullied and thought I would never find someone. I believed I was ugly until I met my fiancé who I'm marrying in June. And by the way he is absolutely gorgeous.

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