Why Do Girls/women Love Teddy Bears?


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Winter Profile
Winter answered
They are so cute and cuddly. I have so many teddy bears, and all of them have different names.
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
Guess because it brings out the motherly instinct in us.  I have several stuffed teddy bears sitting in the xtra bedroom just waiting for someone to pick up and hug them.  ♥
terry rossignol Profile
terry rossignol answered
They are so sweet and cheery to look at we never grow old enough to get rid of them!!!! They are  a great treat!!!!
Diana Profile
Diana answered
I think because it looks so sweet,nice and soft!It's one of the things which gives a nice memories maybe about the childhood,and it's one of the rare
in the world today which didn't loose it's  innocence!
Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
When I was little I had a teddy bear as big as me. Teddy bears are usually soft and cuddly and remind us of childhood. My motto is never grow up completely.
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
Because they're cute and cuddly and soft like a puppy except they don't poop on the floors.
michelle Profile
michelle answered
Honestly I think most girls like them because they are cute but teddy bears have never been anything that I ever liked.
Penny Kay Profile
Penny Kay answered
I personally am not into teddy bears. I used to have stuffed dogs when I was little. I do know many girls love them. I suppose it is that they are cuddly and cute.
Katrina Ferguson Profile
I guess some girls or women they think they are cute and they can cuddle with them but I have never really been the teddy bear type I was always into the unicorns and pegasus
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I am not particularly fond of teddy bears. I have never really been fond of stuffed animals, I don't know why. I love a good portrait of native American indians, but done with taste, not that cartoony stuff.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
If you love Teddy bears take a look at this video I've uploaded to YouTube. It's called The Magic Christmas Star and features Forever Friends bears. They are so cute! We are trying to spread the video as far as possible so if you like it pass it on to all your friends and family in time for Christmas : )
Go to uk.youtube.com and search for 'The Magic Christmas Star'
carol washington Profile
I am 53 years old and I still like teddy bears. Sometimes it's the furry feel against my face takes me back to childhood. Often I picture my children as babies. Sometimes I am trying to find that perfect bear for one of my perfect grandchildren.
abby pelton Profile
abby pelton answered
Because if we need something to make us fell love and something to hold I think it is a security thing myself but hey what ever floats your boat rite??
Decode Girl Profile
Decode Girl answered
You know they are very cute and chubby. I had some bears. I used to tie ribbons to them to make them cutie.

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