Guyz please Help ! ... I fell in love with an American girl online and i found out dat she loves me as well .. And we spent like 6 monthes loving each other til she sent me her pic .. But she was Ugly :( how can i let go of her?


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kristina jonson answered
That is really shallow, espescially because she will not look like that the rest of her life, what if she because so pretty and marrys a football player or something? Hun, my advice is stop being so self absorbed and think to yourself, well mabey I need to get over myself to think if the roles are reversed! How would you like it if you were her? But you can be self absorbed, the way to let her go is to simply say look,I just can't be in a relationship anymore,I am sorry. There, I hope that helps.
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Arthur Wright answered
Just delete your account and be done with it, but youre being pretty shallow here judging by looks especially when she has so much else going for her and the outside can always change so personally, shes too good for you so she should dump you just for your attitude here
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dan nelson answered
Easy. Tell her that you no longer feel a connection and cease all communication.
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Alex Santiago answered
That is sooo mean to let a girl go just because you think that she is ugly
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Maybe tell her she deserves better than you can give her now and that she is too good for you and she should move on to a better person that is worthy of her and a better match in things that are important in life and in a partner?
If she is as awesome as you say then you would probably be being honest if you are that selfish, shallow, self absorbed, egotistical ect. To lose out on such a wonderful girl over something so silly on the basis of a picture only and not even whether or not there was any physical chemistry in person after spending time together. Looks can change easily, poor character can be a different story and require a bit of self awareness, acknowledgement and honesty first.
It's unlikely that everyone would have the same opinion of her and many others may find her very attractive, not just on a physical basis since it's a matter of personal opinion and preference but plenty of good people out there would see her as who she is as a whole and not just what she looks like. How likely is it that the two of you  would ever actually meet in person or any time in the near future to begin with?
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Wow that's pretty shallow. Just delete your account or block hers or something. It's unbelievable to me though that you've gotten to know a girl for half a year and don't want to anymore because she's "ugly." I hate it when guys AND girls are so judgmental and fixated on looks and looks alone.

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