Why do some girls become lesbians?


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Most people are born either liking men or women or both. Sexuality is a fluid thing in teenage years, and contrary to what lots of people think, IT ISN'T A CHOICE! Some women may choose not to date men anymore, or remain celibate, due to a past event though. Hope I helped :)

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It's a CHOICE they make, either they are not attracted to men anymore or they just decide they are not HAPPY with the previous relationships and decide to give it a "go" like a trial and see what happens. Some just happen to randomly develop feelings for another girl. Although we cannot know for sure.. It could be a teenage thing also, when you don't know who you are and you're confused, so you turn to some other conclusion because of that. Everybody is different and it's hard to say why people change.
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Usually the case is that they don't feel safe with boys anymore because you know, boys hurt girls, either physically or emotionally --- and girls rarely lose a best friend, and even at that, it's over a guy. Confused girls decide oh, look at what a better life I'll have if I date her! She's so nice and pretty. She'll never hurt me. But I disagree with it --- I don't hate lesbians, I just don't agree with it --- because it's unnatural in my point of view and it scares me. But at the same time, I kind of understand them. Addilyn's right; some teenage girls start feeling confused so they jump to conclusions. I know three people that became confused that are my friends. I did my best to counsel them but they feel like they're a slave to this new reality. I try and tell them that it's really a choice, but they won't listen...
But then again, we don't always understand one another's life, so they could change for other reasons too. I'm not a know it all. I am in no way experienced in this field. I'm just going off of base knowledge.

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