Is There 11 Year Old Lesbians?


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I've realized I was a lesbian since I was 10. I still am today.
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I am sure there are 11 year olds who think they are lesbians, if you are eleven and know annyone who thinks they are eleven it is iimpossible to know at such at early age weather they are or not you have to wait at least until you are 17 ish or mor to know fo certain what you are, by then you will have discovered boys and much more and decided weahter or not your gay or straight.
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R you a lesbian I'm not I'm just asking
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probably not

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No. There are 11 year olds that don't know anything about their bodies, the hormonal changes that are starting to take place, and the emotions that are brought out by them. An 11 year old is too young to understand what that all means, and how to deal with it. Talk to your parents....believe it or CAN talk to them.

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