How Do You Become A Lesbian?


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Well you can be gay or straight or BI it depends on if they just have an attraction to both sexes because some people find attraction to their own sex but who cares it is their choice so yeah.
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You cant BECOME a lesbian, you're either interested and girls and have no interest in guys at all other than to be friends. OR your not a lesbian. And personality i think you might need to need to like having sex with them but're either a lesbian or your not....
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You cant just become a lesbian you have to be interested in woman
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A lot of woman leave men because they are sick of being hurt.They end up having lesbian sex and are much happier.
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Uhm you don't "become" a are born like that...many people like me are against it but hey it's your I guess if you wanna do that go ahead but you are BORN like that you can't just become it I guess.but if you are having guy troubles then wait and be patient....I know it's hard if you feel like you will never find anyone or nobody likes you but trust me you will find someone and the longer you have to wait the better it will be for you in the long run..
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Okay then,
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Some people are born with it and sometimes it is their childhood expeirience. Either they where raped or molested it depends on the person
People are not born Lesbian or Gay!!!!!!! ... God did not have anything to do with YOUR CHOICE to be whomever you choose. If this were true then I could say that God is the reason why you like your boyfriend even though he's the one that beats you are cheats on you. No I cannot say this; nor can you. God has nothing to do with our choices in this life. We are all here to make our own decisions for whom we choose as our partners and lovers. Love one another, stop hating for no reason! :)
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By being bitten by a radioactive lesbian.
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Ur stupid lol j/k but 4 real through be serious
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I thought it was pretty funny.
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A true lesbian is born that way but some girls experiment and find they have hidden desires. Most of those are bisexual, meaning they like guys and girls. I am a bisexual because I love it with either sex. Lesbians usually have more feelings than guys do. The guys just do it and get off. A girl will be more considerate

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