What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Lesbian Relationship?


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Lesbian relationships, gay men relationships, straight relationships, ARE EXACTLY ALIKE. When talking or writing or thinking about relationships, think about HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS because among all of us humans, relationships between any two people are based on the same characteristics of heart, mind, soul. Choosing the ONE with whom one has a relationship, gay or straight, is a decision based on the same characteristics....only difference is what one's own genes, yes DNA in every cell, tells the heart is the choice that one accepts. My body, soul, heart, physical, emotonal, yes--all of me-- seeks a relationship. Society and religions have hindered the 10% of the population seeking same-gender relationships; therefore, many individuals like me, married a straight person and had a family and are now grandparents and great grandparents. Then at some point divorced and chose to come-out. Finding another lesbian after age 50 with whom I have a beautiful, loving, lasting friendship and loveship has been a great gift. The only disadvantage is that we cannot marry legally because of hate in the world. We are human. We were designed and made by the same Creator as other humans. We love each other and we get angry, happy, sad, and yes, we share our love in our own private way. The greatest disadvantage with us as with all other gay relationships is that we are not allowed to be free to be who we are because of hate from a majority of people in Christianity, Chatholicism, Moslems, and others. That's ok, we as lesbians share wonderful relatiionships and don't need a man as lover, only as friends. I've had a husband, a man who stayed immature and unconsiderate. I have 'married' in my heart, my sweetheart and after 10 years this day is the same as love was the first moments our hearts chose each other .
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I get to be with the one I love rather than someone I merely pretend to love. And nobody deserves the latter. It will be completely insensitive of me to pretend to a guy about how much I love him just to conform to societal norm. The best gift you can give to yourself is peace and acceptance. When you learn to embrace your true self, you will find it a lot easier to be happy. You will feel a better sense of worthiness. I am a lesbian, and no I did not choose to be a lesbian. What I did choose though, is to live my life honestly, as a lesbian. We only have one life to live, live it in a way that makes you happy as long as it does not cause harm to others. <br><br>To all of the people who seem to always go  back to religious fundamentalism as a means to justify their hatred towards gay people, you are all hypocrites. There is no such thing as biblical literalism, only selective literalism.
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For my own idea,there's nothing wrong for  having a lesbian relationship but every decision has an equivalent of advantages and disadvantage..first the disadvantages for having a lesbian relationship is that,you can't have a good family in the future I mean you can't have a complete family like having a child of course...but maybe the only advantage for that situation is that,you follow your heart and in following your heart you will be happy but of course you need to accept the consequences in choosing that kind of complicated relationship
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Actualy you can have family, you can have an invitro child, or you can adopt. Plus the nuclear family of mom dad and children is not the only type of family.
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For me it's not fair to limit their happiness. We should have equal rights as humans and it is a need to express someone's self.
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There are many advantages. A girl cannot get pregant, homosexuals are happier than heterosexuals, we also understand our mates better than heterosexuals. There is nothing unnatural about it, stupid. Non human animals have been doing this since the begining of time. What makes human animals any different. God would not create somethiing he does not like, it is the stupidity and selfishness of humans that creates hate agianst certain groups. GOD HATES HOMOPHOBICS AND WILL SENDT THEM ALL TO HELL! Thank you!
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The biggest advantage is they can't become pregnant.
However the biggest advantage is that the girls may loose interest in guys and that may be lead to frustration at some point of time later. This usally happens if one girl comes out the relationship and the other one still wants to continue so for the latter one suffers an emotional trauma.
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I don't think there are any advantages in being gay or lesbian. Its just going against the the laws of nature. God has created all living things including plants, trees, animals and of course human beings. Humans are the only living things God has gifted with brains to do wonders and invent things.Every living thing has to carry on in terms of generations. Do you think if the world started with gays and lesbians, would there be any of us living a normal and healthy life? Basically being gay or a lesbian is the outcome of sick minds and they are mentally disarranged and they do not want to confess it. So they look around for unnatural relationships which always end up in  darkness.Have you ever thought if being gay or lesbian was natural then why didn't millions of animals on this universe go for it, Go ahead try thinking over it ! ! ! No offence  Charles
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I totaly disagree im a lesbian and i think one advantage is not having anything to do with you stupid men

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