What are the advantages of being a lesbian?


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Joe Martin answered

None really, if I were you I would be bisexual. That way you can get the best of both worlds if you see what I mean. I suppose you don't risk getting pregnant, other than that not much really!

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Emily Mackey answered

Advantages of being a lesbian?  So many.

Advantages society will admit that exist, or even admit they see?  Zero.  Society has a real problem accepting a woman courageous enough to be open about desiring more than a man.

I'm not lesbian, but I tried it out.  Here's the advantages I saw back then and still do, but can't have because I am straight: 1) Sex won't cause a pregnancy, 2) The sex is rumored to be far better between two women than a woman and a man, for many many reasons, 3) Risk of AIDS and other STDS drops to near-zero percent, 4) Longer-lasting, more stable romantic unions, 5) Freedom to dress, wear your hair and identify visually any way you want to, instead of making those choices in fear of "what" some random person with a penis will react with once he sees it, and 6) Lesbians appreciate intelligence and career achievement in a woman, whereas straight men are deeply threatened by both.

Risk factors: Higher incidence of depression and suicide, higher risk of male violence inflicted against you (because many men feel gay women, by existing, are a walking "rejection" of specifically them), gay men will not be your allies as often as you and other lesbians are for them, misrepresentation in the media as all "fat and ugly", lots of misogyny and discrimination, and often lower salary.

I'm straight but to me still sounds worth it.  Unfortunately, like my gay male brothers, I can't break my biggest and worst ad-DICK-tion :)

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nothing you just love another girl.

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It's the difference  between Microsoft and Macintosh. If you prefer MS an Apple user just won't understand you; and if you use Apple we Microsofters think you're nuts.

It's a personal preference based on the way you're wired. There's the advantage of no pregnancy possible (which would save you the cost of buying the pill). Of course, if you get clucky that might be a disadvantage.

Here's a song from Judy Small, Australian folk singer and proud to be a lesbian. It's not directly about the subject but does highlight one of the disadvantages of a heterosexual woman.

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