What Are The Major Causes Of Homosexuality And Lesbianism?


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Being born that way. It's not a DISEASE OR A CHOICE. IT IS THE WAY THEY ARE BORN.
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That's pretty much it. For some it is probably a choice, but for most it's just how they are and how they prefer things. It's like asking why some people prefer red wine and some like white wine.
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For a religious person the answer is simple. Their sacred teachings tell them that homosexuality is bad (this is explicitly stated in Islam, Christianity and Judaism). It is seen as "unnatural", against the "natural order", "wasted seed", etc. It would be hard for a religion to not have an opinion about something as central to human nature as sex, and the purpose of sex must therefore be... reproduction. Homosexuality doesn't fit this ideology.

Even in the (modern) Occult/pagan movement, homosexuality may still be seen as intrinsically "wrong". Again, an "unnatural" act.

The problem is how you define "natural"/"unnatural". Mounting evidence suggests that sexuality is an innate characteristic, strongly linked to genetics and possibly foetal environment. If that's not "natural", what is? In reply, some anti-gay websites compare any "gay" genes to cystic fibrosis, but nobody is saying that CF sufferers are supposed to stop coughing... whereas homosexuals are still supposed to try to cure themselves of their "affliction".

Historically it was thought that homosexuals must be depraved and likely to commit other crimes. Actually, research shows that homosexual males and females aren't more likely than heterosexuals to commit crimes, including sex crimes, than anybody else.
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Like boy likes boy or girl likes girl
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Sexual orientation forms in early childhood, as a result of interaction
with adults of both sexes.  No-one is born heterosexual or homosexual. 

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It is not bad, those religious fanatics that are scared of their own gay feelings attack others to salve their conscience.
Religious teachings on sexual orientation are criminally insane stupidity and cause more harm to fellow human beings than any other doctrine!
Homosexuality and/or Lesbianism do not have major causes. Becoming, Being or Livinga Gay or Lesbian lifestyle is a choice and not a disease or a direction by birth nor was it given to people from God. I can't believe how many people actuality believe this way that there are major causes for homosexuality and/or lesbianism and most blame it on God instead of accepting the reality that they chose to be Gay or Lesbian. Sometimes women do choose to become Lesbian due to unfortunate sexual violations from birth, childhood, adolescence and/or rape as a woman by a man. Or men who were sexually abused by their Fathers, Uncles or family friends; or if their Mothers were extremely female with them in the way(s) in which she handled him as a young boy growing into his adolescent and teen years. But primarily there are no real causes pur se. IT'S A CHOICE PEOPLE NOT A DISEASE AND most everyone has a curiosity about being with the same sex. Most men love the idea whether they admit it or not, and most women have the desire but never act on it; and that's OK, but it is a choice made by the person or persons who chooses it.

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