Can Gays Succeed As Ministers In Baptist Churches?


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Aside from the considerations, already mentioned, of the impossibility of being a minister and choosing only to live by the parts of the bible that suit you, there are a number of very practical considerations involved.    Mainly and foremost, most baptist ministers are married, i.e. To a member of the opposite sex.  This is not a precondition, it is just that it is very difficult to be a pastor if you are not married.  The other thing that tends to happen is that a young minister may start out unmarried, but because of the number of single females who are likely to be in his church, particularly when it has had time to percolate around the community that he is single, means he is unlikely to stay that way very long.  I have seen it all before, several times!    Hence if a Baptist minister decides to come out, and set up a homosexual relationship with someone, whether that minister is a man or woman (there are a few baptist women ministers, who are also usually married), it will normally involve breaking up a family, a brokenhearted spouse and devastated children).  Bear in mind also, that Baptist churches often provide a tied house to their ministers.  What are they to do in that situation, particularly as the Bible makes clear that God withdraws his Holy Spirit from those who wilfully break his laws, and therefore that person is no longer fit to be a minister?  Are they supposed to kick the minister's innocent family out to fend for themselves and allow him/her to install the same sex parter in the Manse (minister's residence belonging to the church) in the place of the guiltless spouse?    That would be totally impossible, surely.  This happened with a Baptist minister I knew of in England.  He decided to leave his wife and children for another man, leaving broken hearts behind him, both in his family and church.  He and his partner left for London together.  He told his friends he was going to set up an internet ministry for christian homosexuals, but has never been heard of since and they do not know what happened to him.  The sadness caused by this extended far beyond his family and church to the whole district, and particularly amongst other Baptist ministers in the area, who had loved and respected him.      The dust has now settled insofar as there is a new minister at his old church and his wife and family have found a new home in the area and still attend the church which he once pastored which, I am glad to say, supported them throughout.  But for them the grief will be lifelong.    There might be no problem with a minister who has homosexual feelings provided he/she is living a genuinely celibate lifestyle.  After all there is nothing shameful about being single in itself.  However, they should probably live alone and refrain from setting up close same sex friendships amongst their congregation if they wish their celibate state to be above suspicion.  The difficulties inherent in this might prove insurmountable for such a person.
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This is what God's word says about the subject

1Tim 3:1 This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

God said it and that settles it
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That answer does not relate to the Baptist churches who hate homosexuals/gays. The verse that you quote applies ONLY to the office of one leader, a bishop. It says nothing about all the high percentage of people that God created in their cells, DNA and heart that are called homosexuals/gays/lesbians. If God had made it a choice instead, I ask you: WHEN did you DECIDE that you were going to be heterosexual? Hmmm, your answer is: "I didn't. I just am" Well, friend, that is the same answer by the homosexual. God, our Creator and yours, KNOWS>
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The best answers and thoughts can be twisted to fit one's needs. God did NOT make anyone homosexual. Put that blame on the person and the devil. End of Statement.
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I believe anyone can succeed at anything they put enough effort into. Being a Minister in a Baptist Church requires someone with good communication and people skills as well as the desire to preach the Gospel and spread the word of God. This is where it gets tricky. In order to preach the Gospel you need to abide by it. To much despair of many in the Gay community the Bible presents issues and spiritual laws against being homosexual. Although it is possible for someone who is openly gay to preach of love and peace it is not very appropriate to preach of just something in the bible and not others.
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tHE PLACES IN THE BIBLE THAT THEY QUOTE AGAINST GAYS IS A TINY VERSE IN ONE CHAPTER IN THE OLD TESTAMENT THAT THEY MISinterpret the whole verse PER THE PRECEEDING IN THE CHAPTER. AND, those who quote and miss interpret the verse NEVER DO ALL THE THINGS SAID IN THAT CHAPTER OR IN ANY OTHER CHAPTER IN THE OLD TESTAMENT. Gays do not choose to be gay, they are created exactly that way in DNA, every cell, the heart and love by the same God who created the heterosexuals. I would ask, WHEN DID YOU CHOOSE/DECIDE TO BE HETEROSEXUALS, EXACTLY WHEN DID YOU? WELL, YOUR ANSWER IS THE SAME TRUTH AS FOR THE HOMOSEXUAL: I didn't choose or decide. That's just the way I am.
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I understand your frustration as a "neutralist" in this question but I beg you to remember that it is not my personal words that were put into the bible, and it isn't a small little verse in the old testament. Being homosexual was one of the reasons God destroyed the city of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire. The bible also mentions in the last book of revelations about the sins that will begin to further manifest and of men who lay with men. Do people who are gay choose to be gay? I think that if it is not considered a sin or "bad thing" why not accept those feelings? I think that sin is a temptation and an addiction. Sexuality was meant for procreation, why would God create such a perfect combination, man and woman; for obvious reasons and advantages without intending them to be with each other. God would of made men and women capable of being both sexes if that were the way, but everything he created he created perfectly and "equipped" them to carry out purposes. I don't mean to sound hurtful but you obviously haven't read the Bible in it's entirety.
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No, homosexuals can be ministers in any Baptist churches. The Southern Baptist worldwide organization called The Southern Baptist Convention has official enforced rules against it. So do other Baptists and most other denominations. They imply that the Bible preaches against gays...but they condone hundreds of other 'sins' that the Bible preaches against: Sex outside of marriage, gossip, backbiting and condemning other Christians, and countless other sins that God does not tolerate. Homosexuals are created just as they are by God Himself, the Creator, but he has never created adulterers, fornication, gossip, unforgiveness of another person, backbiting, hatred, and child molesting by ministers, deacons, priests, and other Christians and their leaders or any person whom He has created.
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To me it seems anything is possible nowadays. I've heard of pastors in churches being gay, and people knowing about it. So honestly I wouldn't be surprised.
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I ask, however, have you heard of Baptist churches keeping pastors and members who are gay?
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Certainly not if they are not living a celibate lifestyle. After all, it is the actual practice of homosexuality which is condemned in the Bible, not having that orientation. Single heterosexuals are also commanded to live a celibate lifestyle in the Bible.
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Short answer is I doubt it.
Let's not browbeat the Baptists either. I say no in all churches even Catholics.

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