What are the advantages of being a hermaphrodite? Can narcissism, incest and pregnancy be a problem.


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I have often been given an instruction which would only be possible if I were an hermaphrodite...
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Joan answered
I can see an advantage.  Instead of having a low self-esteem issue - you would always have the capability of loving yourself.
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Ace anonymous answered
Every single known case where someone was a hermaphrodite, they were sterile. Narcissism is a personal thing, that just comes down to how much you like yourse. Lol I guess technically it would be incest if you cheated on yourself with your other self. And you couldn't become pregnant, because you would be sterile.
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William Harkin answered
Absolutely no problem.The British aristocracy can attest to that
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Midnite star answered
Narcissism can be a problem with any type.
Incest can be a problem with any type also.
Pregnancy should not be a problem.
Hermaphrodite is the greatest condition to have when your told to go "F" yourself. I assume this is what U & mac have attested to.....as well as many others.
I guess it would be one way for a female to actually say she had "balls". As well as the opportunity to never need or want a man again.
Now there's an idea.

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